5 Ways to Optimize your Website

In a world where everything is increasingly connected, we use search engines to directly find the products we are looking for. We find that 60% of consumers use Google search and that 80% of online searches result in sales or, at the very least, in-store visits.

Optimizing your website to top the search should therefore be a priority for all business owners. However, this is no small matter. The search engine algorithm is constantly evolving and you need to keep up. Use keywords, shorten a URL, produce quality content, optimize a homepage… this should no longer have any secrets for you. And by following the next 5 steps regularly, you should be able to optimize your website over the long term and stay one step ahead of the evolution of algorithms.

Keyword search

Using a search engine is always like using “keywords.” We first advise you to review all the keywords representing your business. You can start with your industry and then think about your location. Many digital tools, such as the Google Keyword Planner, will give you access to a wide range of search terms, how often they are searched, and the competition on those terms. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business, which have low competition and a high search rate. Once you’ve identified these terms, insert them into your website and use them in each of your efforts to optimize your site.

Use home pages

When you create a reference page for a new product, try again to choose the keyword most relevant to the product in question and use it in both the title and the page’s text body. Be careful, however, to sort regularly in your reference pages. In fact, low-performing pages can slow down your website.

Speed up the pace

Websites that idle have little visibility on search engines. Make sure your page is always moving.

Rethink your communication strategy

Today, there are many digital tools to improve the communication strategy of companies. We think first of all of the social networks that have become a real gold mine in terms of dissemination. Facebook pixel, Instagram hashtags…. all means are good to boost its visibility. It is also possible to improve communication on networks through external tools. For example, when you’re promoting your site, you can use a url shortcut to optimize your links. Some url reducers offer the ability to create short, customizable links. No more extension links that visitors don’t dare to click on. You will now be able to create concise, readable and corporate-style links.

Quality content

The dissemination of quality content and regular publication will contribute to the appearance of your website in a search as much as possible. When writing your content, always keep your keywords in mind because the purpose of the content is to reach the people who are looking for it. Out of inspiration? Use your keywords as a springboard for your content ideas and incorporate them into your writings as often as possible.

With these five tips, your website will always bring you optimal results. Always be sure to evaluate your results, and prioritize what works. Also, be aware that this list is by no means exhaustive. SEO is an incredibly deep and ever-changing strategy, but it also means that there are great resources to support you along the way.

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