Adore the power of Android OS with the 7" & 9" D2 Padâ„¢ Internet Tablet. This portable device is designed to keep you entertained at home and on the road. Enjoy uncompromised web browsing with fast built-in Wi-Fi and stunning LCD display. Pre-installed with useful utility apps and fun game apps, it's a perfect tablet for both children and adults!

10" PAD PLATINUM - Android 4.1 / GMS Certified


With the portable high-speed scanner, you can scan your documents and images faster than traditional scanners. Capable of scanning at high resolutions up to 900dpi, this scanner offers both speed and quality. This device is versatile and portable, and with the software included, options such as business card scanning and optical character recognition makes digitizing your files simple and easy anywhere.


Our D2 portable USB batteries are capable of charging most of your mobile devices including tablet anytime at anywhere. The D2 portable USB battery offers huge power capacity in a small, yet, stylish body. And furthermore it supports charging up to 2 devices simultaneously with one 5V/2A output for faster turnaround.

Portable 4400 mAh Battery

Portable 7800 mAh Battery

Portable 8800 mAh Battery

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