5 Best Practices to Protect Your Web Application

Indeed, after defining these security criteria, you need to put in place some technical rules to protect your applications. Today, I want to return to the essential questions to ask to protect a web application.

Why is it so important to secure a web application?

Servers and networks are getting better protected. As a result, vulnerabilities have shifted to a more sensitive link: web applications. You often encounter web applications: when you log on to your bank’s website to see your account balance, or when you make a purchase online. In both cases, and in many others, the online application you access may contain confidential data. It should therefore be provided with a maximum level of security.

What architecture for a web application?

Applications are usually hosted in a three-layer model (said 3-thirds).

  • The presentation layer: it’s the user interface
  • The “business/application” layer: accessed from the presentation layer, it processes information
  • The data layer: it’s the storage of information, accessed by the application layer

Controlling the network flows within this 3-thirds architecture is essential.

Install a network firewall and use DMZs

Setting up a network firewall is essential for partitioning layers within different demilitarized zones (DMZs). It is important to control the opening of flows on these firewalls. For example, it is absolutely not advisable to open streams from the Internet to the “data” layer, which would be contrary to the security of the 3-thirds model because the “presentation” and “application” layers are bypassed.

Encrypting flows

It is also important to ensure that intercloud flows are encrypted using protocols such as HTTPS. This avoids attacks from the middle man within this model. It should be noted that it is very important to educate users to check the website certificate. This prevents a user from being on a pirate site.

Limiting risky protocols

Some protocols that are heavily used in Microsoft environments are vectors of viral spread. For example, the Netbios protocol should be avoided within an infrastructure. If, however, this type of flow must be opened, it is necessary to perfectly mix the various elements and to put in place an action plan in case of viral attacks (for example, the possibility of being able to stop this type of flow quickly in case of danger using a separate administrative post). The implementation of IPS is also an interesting way to counter attacks that could be conveyed by this type of flow.

How to secure the web application at the architectural level?

The traditional firewall doesn’t study the content of streams that enter your architectures, it only allows or blocks them based on where they come from. If the source is legitimate but the content of the stream is corrupted, then the risk is real and not detectable by the stream.

Install an application firewall (WAF)

This equipment is deployed upstream of the presentation layer to filter out potential application attacks, such as SQL Injection or XSS faults.

The application firewall protects against the vulnerabilities of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), an organization that identifies the ten most critical application security risks on the Internet.

How does an application firewall (WAF) work?

The application firewall is placed in front of the presentation layer. All HTTP and HTTPS application streams go through it before accessing the presentation layer of the application.

Filtering is done in two ways: either by whitelist or by blacklist.

  • The white list: the safest but the most difficult to set up

Its purpose is to allow only safe traffic and to block everything else (just like a network firewall). This is a difficult task for applications that generate a lot of random data. Moreover, it is almost impossible to know all the good traffic, which can create false positives. A poorly generated white list may affect the operation of the application.

  • The blacklist: the simplest but most sensitive

When the white list is too complex to determine, then you should opt for the blacklist.

Its operation is reversed and consists of blocking all the bad traffic identified and allowing the rest. Application firewalls now have complementary features, such as web reputation, to complement this mechanism and be more efficient.

Last question: Is it necessary to encrypt the application data?

I would say it all depends on what you want to protect yourself from. Data encryption, in my view, serves only to guard against physical theft. Encryption does not in any way prevent the deliberate theft of an administrator, as it has access and will therefore have access to the decryption of the data.

A hacker who accesses the app will also have access to data and decryption keys. Moreover, the cost of this encryption and the organization to be set up does not systematically justify it.

On the other hand, on a nomadic equipment, the interest of encrypting is quite different.

In conclusion, I will say that web applications are a gateway to your information systems. Implementation of these good practices will cover most of the risks.

If you also associate them with an operation that guarantees you results in terms of availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data, you can rest easy! Also it’s important to not forget having a good privacy policy and terms of conditions policy to secure your business from any legal lawsuit. I’ve seen some termsfeed reviews that vouch for this service. Using a service like Termsfeed, you guarantee your application to be GPDR and ensure a safe and secure use for your users.…

Torrent9 Change of Address in 2020: All You Need to Know

Are you a fan of downloading, whether legal or not, in Canada? So you may be familiar with Torrent9, a site that has become major lately. We (re)make the presentations.

The galaxy of sites dedicated to downloading content operates in two large spaces: direct download or torrent. Some also opt for streaming. However, in the world of torrent, the site Torrent9 has made a real place of choice. We explain what it is, how it works and where to find it!

What is Torrent9?

Let’s start with the most important one. Torrent9 is a torrent download site that was launched in November 2016, just before the closure of T411. There is a rich catalogue of content, combining films, series, music, manga or video games. Millions of users offer content that can be accessed with just a few clicks.

What is Torrent9’s official address?

There is a little subtlety here. The Website Torrent9, which struggles to stay online against law enforcement, is now called OxTorrent. A purely aesthetic name change, since it is the same team that remains behind. Its address also changes regularly and we will try to keep this site up to date, so you can easily access Torrent9.

Right now, the right address is torrent9.so or its mirror site torrent9.ai. The others you can find online are clones or fakes. Caution. The legality of the Torrent9 site may make you doubt. In itself, it is a content library, so it is not necessarily illegal. It all depends on the content you are looking for and whether you have a copy at home.

How does the platform work?

For those who have never tried to download a torrent file, this can be disconcerting at first. These are indeed surprising files, but in order to be able to use them, it will be necessary to go through software like bitTorrent or uTorrent and then to launch the download, while thinking carefully to offer you files too. The logic of the torrent works on the sharing of data between users.

Torrent9 is inaccessible how to do it?

This is a recurring problem that you may face. Torrent9 is currently one of the best sites for downloading free torrents, because it offers a very wide range of very varied content, the vast majority of which is illegal. This makes it a prime target for the having and authorities of different countries. The site is therefore regularly blocked by ISPs, governments, but also occasionally, the search engines themselves.

If you are unable to connect to the site or download a torrent, then several solutions are available. The easiest way is probably to get around the block with the Tor network. This computer system, which is distributed among computers around the world, allows, through encryption, to circumvent censorship. You can also use a VPN, such as NordVPN or Cyberghost. This allows you to encrypt your data and make you anonymous. You will also be able to pass through the nets of the anti torrenting law, which can be very convenient for those who illegally download content.

Is Torrent9 free?

The Torrent9 site is based on the sharing community that allows users to exchange content. Unsurprisingly, Torrent9 is completely free, and everything in it is fully downloadable without any difficulty. Be careful though, this does not mean that the site is legal, the two words are not synonymous. If you use this free site, be aware that you are putting yourself at real risk.

What’s the danger with Torrent9?

Of course, since Torrent9 is an illegal site, you are taking serious risks with the authorities. If you download illegal content, you will be exposed to certain implications of non-compliance with copyright and private property.

But, that’s not the only danger you should be wary of when trying to connect to Torrent9. Indeed, around the site, several scams related to phishing have already been spotted by Internet users. If when you log in, you are asked for your credit card code be careful! Indeed, since the site is supposed to be free, if you have to pay, it is because there is eel under rock. The goal is likely to steal your bank or personal data. To limit the risks, it is necessary to make sure that you are trying to connect to the right site and not to one of the many copies that abound on the Internet.…

5 Ways to Optimize your Website

In a world where everything is increasingly connected, we use search engines to directly find the products we are looking for. We find that 60% of consumers use Google search and that 80% of online searches result in sales or, at the very least, in-store visits.

Optimizing your website to top the search should therefore be a priority for all business owners. However, this is no small matter. The search engine algorithm is constantly evolving and you need to keep up. Use keywords, shorten a URL, produce quality content, optimize a homepage… this should no longer have any secrets for you. And by following the next 5 steps regularly, you should be able to optimize your website over the long term and stay one step ahead of the evolution of algorithms.

Keyword search

Using a search engine is always like using “keywords.” We first advise you to review all the keywords representing your business. You can start with your industry and then think about your location. Many digital tools, such as the Google Keyword Planner, will give you access to a wide range of search terms, how often they are searched, and the competition on those terms. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business, which have low competition and a high search rate. Once you’ve identified these terms, insert them into your website and use them in each of your efforts to optimize your site.

Use home pages

When you create a reference page for a new product, try again to choose the keyword most relevant to the product in question and use it in both the title and the page’s text body. Be careful, however, to sort regularly in your reference pages. In fact, low-performing pages can slow down your website.

Speed up the pace

Websites that idle have little visibility on search engines. Make sure your page is always moving.

Rethink your communication strategy

Today, there are many digital tools to improve the communication strategy of companies. We think first of all of the social networks that have become a real gold mine in terms of dissemination. Facebook pixel, Instagram hashtags…. all means are good to boost its visibility. It is also possible to improve communication on networks through external tools. For example, when you’re promoting your site, you can use a url shortcut to optimize your links. Some url reducers offer the ability to create short, customizable links. No more extension links that visitors don’t dare to click on. You will now be able to create concise, readable and corporate-style links.

Quality content

The dissemination of quality content and regular publication will contribute to the appearance of your website in a search as much as possible. When writing your content, always keep your keywords in mind because the purpose of the content is to reach the people who are looking for it. Out of inspiration? Use your keywords as a springboard for your content ideas and incorporate them into your writings as often as possible.

With these five tips, your website will always bring you optimal results. Always be sure to evaluate your results, and prioritize what works. Also, be aware that this list is by no means exhaustive. SEO is an incredibly deep and ever-changing strategy, but it also means that there are great resources to support you along the way.…

How To Watch American Netflix TV Shows

In the same approach that Amazon has transformed the way we go purchasing, and Uber has modified the way we hire a taxi eternally, so Netflix has essentially redesigned the way we follow television and movies. And in the very same way that Amazon and Uber have had great financial and commercial success, Netflix has also done so, with more than 93 million contributors in more than 190 nations.

But Netflix American TV shows has a major problem for users, and that is the local variation in its service because although Netflix is ​​happy to be accessible in almost every country in the world, each area receives a separate service at a separate price.

This is because Netflix has to buy the rights to distribute the televisions and movies in its setting, and these are marketed by country. That suggests that, apart from the programs you carry out unless you can purchase the rights to a program worldwide, you can only forward that program in the countries where you hold the rights.

While Netflix is ​​the greatest name in the online streaming market, it is by no law, the only one, and there is a fight for these rights. Regrettably, the effect is that the assistance that Netflix users receive can vary considerably.

Can a VPN really help unlock Netflix?

At this time, the safest of all that will be between you will be to think, ah, but didn’t I read someplace that Netflix is ​​now preventing VPNs so they can’t reach the service?

Why? Because the rights owners, particularly the major Hollywood movie studios, with whom they make deals, require it, and Netflix cannot function if it does not have the assistance of the rights holders.

But the keyword is to try because attempting to block VPNs is not true art. The only true way to accomplish this is only to identify the IP numbers linked to the VPNs and then charge them. But this is not simple to do.

The best VPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN is, for me, is the best VPN for Netflix. It gives a comprehensive service that has practically nothing to study and is available on all major operating systems. Their privacy policies are first class too. Being in the British Virgin Islands means they can offer a guaranteed non-registration rule that you can trust. They also hold their private DNS servers, which adds an extra layer of privacy screen.

Their connection speeds are among the fastest I have encountered with any VPN provider. And equally important, their connections are also always fast. I have run Netflix on different servers and have never found a change in performance.

As for the number of servers, they are also up to the best. They currently have servers in 145 cities in 90 countries.

ExpressVPN also works with the Netflix application. This means that it is an excellent option for those who like to watch Netflix content on the move, or simply prefer the convenience of an application.…

Modern Camping, All You Need To Know!

Going on a modern camping holiday is a perfect plan for those who want to travel with family or friends to a place that allows a stay that is not very expensive. But it is a plan that requires more preparation than just booking a good cheap campsite and heading there. Going modern camping is a unique experience, but still, it is necessary to know some tips from people who are already more accustomed to moving around those environments.

 Modern Camping Tips

These tips are designed for those who have not yet gone modern camping, for those who are looking for modern camping for children or with the couple, and for those who have ever gone but want to make sure that they do not lack anything.


Something elementary that you cannot miss even if you go to the best modern camping is a good tent, and more if it is the place where your family will rest.

Since we have managed to save money by choosing a campsite as a vacation destination, it is best to buy a quality tent, which does not mean that the price has to be excessively high since today’s stores are not like from before, there are now modern and quality available to everyone’s pocket.

You should look at when buying it from insulation, materials, ease of assembly, and the number of people that fit inside.

 What You Should Take To Cook

It is necessary to have the elements listed below to be able to be independent when making meals while you are modern camping:

  • If you don’t have an electric stove, you can’t forget the gas.
  • A portable kitchen or a stove.
  • Chairs and a folding table to eat more at ease.
  • You can’t forget your glasses and cutlery.
  • A lighter.
  • Plastic toppers.
  • Multipurpose knife and some kitchen scissors.
  • A pot, two pans, and a saucepan.
  • An anti-stain tablecloth.
  • A fryer and kitchen tongs.
  • A coffee maker if you are fond of coffee.
  • A small refrigerator

To Sleep And Be Comfortable

Spending a few days and your nights at a campsite can be a very enriching experience, but if the body is not sufficiently prepared, after a few days, you could start to resent it.

If you follow these tips and carry the following objects, you will rest and be at ease on the days needed in any campsite:

  • Plastic under the tent to prevent moisture.
  • Inflatable mattresses.
  • Bed sheets.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Pillows


We must be especially careful with the garbage we generate since all the inhabitants of the campsite must commit themselves not to dirty the natural environment. That is why it is advisable always to have plastic bags nearby, so you just have to throw in what we are going to throw in the large containers of the same campsite.

Besides, while we are modern camping, and more if we go with children, it is advisable to bring a series of instruments and objects to always leave our plot, such as the following:

  • Cloths, paper towels, and rags.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Garbage disposal bags.
  • A clothesline
  • A dustpan
  • A couple of buckets.

For Personal Hygiene

When we finish bathing and doing activities and night falls, it is essential to have everything we need to clean and remove salt from the sea or chlorine from the pool. These products are the ones that you must make sure to carry for this purpose:

  • Shampoo and gel.
  • Rolls of toilet paper.
  • Cologne and deodorant.
  • Carrying clinex is always a good idea.
  • Paste and toothbrushes.
  • Some towels
  • Shaving products
  • Compresses or tampons.
  • Special baby towels.

The Clothes That Are Recommended

The best advice is that you only wear the clothes you are going to wear, so you can make the trip lighter and more comfortable. Here are some guidelines that can guide you:

  • Long and short pants, since at night you can refresh.
  • Several socks
  • T-shirts, both long and short sleeves.
  • Some jackets or sweatshirts.
  • The flip flops are mandatory, as it is necessary to enter the pool and showers.
  • Comfortable shoes or shoes.
  • And some caps to protect from the sun.

Prepare A First Aid Kit

This is a very necessary element, and it is the great forgotten, but it is indispensable, especially if we go to a campsite for children, since only a small wound is necessary, a colder night than normal, any accident or a bad meal for Miss it.

If you carry what I tell you below, you can face most unforeseen events and continue enjoying your stay at your campsite:

  • Sterilized gauze
  • Strips for wounds and chafing.
  • Bandages
  • Disposable plastic gloves.
  • And Chlorhexidine to disinfect all types of wounds.
  • A thermometer.
  • A box of ibuprofen.

All of the above things mentioned can be easily available in campingconsole.com. We recommend every amateur or beginner camper to visit this website for more information.…

PCIe 4.0 vs. PCIe 3.0 SSDs

It must be kept in mind that the very first mainstream platform to embrace PCIe 4.0 is AMD’s brand-new flagship X570 platform that released together with third-gen Ryzen processors a couple of months back. The X570 platform is focused on the high-efficiency premium section as it makes it possible for a number for forwarding looking innovations not restricted to PCIe 4.0 however also M. 2 Gen 4 storage, the current USB 3.2 Gen 2 requirement, and sometimes, Wi-Fi 6 and 10 GBE connection.

The most striking distinction in between these drives and those from the previous generation is the big heatsinks. The brand-new controllers and NAND chips run hot, so to prevent harming them, the producers have actually strapped on some really sturdy heatsinks.

Extended direct exposure to high-temperature levels and insufficient cooling can harm the drives. Even with the heatsinks on, the drives might still throttle if they are under continual load for more than about 15 minutes.


The Optane drive is the king of performance. However, you spend on it, and it’s not truly suggested for customers. If you understand what I imply, it will cost you more than 2 RTX 2080 Super GPUs.

The 3 PCIe 4.0 drives were close in the majority of tests with the Sabrent Rocket 4 winning by a slim margin. Compared to more of the mainstream, product Gen 3 drives, the Gen 4 drives will provide you an efficiency increase in extremely choose work.

If you are constructing a brand-new high-end PC and have the budget plan, we absolutely suggest going for a quick NVMe PCIe drive. Much of the Gen 4 SSD launch is marketing buzz. However, it’s real that the drives are objectively much faster, so it’s constantly excellent to see innovation development.

How Can You Safeguard Your Business From Hackers?

You have more factors for issue as additional research studies expose that 43 percent of hacker attacks target little business if you are running a little business.

Malware Attack

This is the most typical kind of cyber-attack that a lot of business is susceptible to. A harmful attack is a kind of cyber-attack where the harmful software application is set up in your system and reproduces itself throughout the network.


This is a kind of malware used by hackers to obstruct access to the business’s information. When the attack is introduced, hackers generally threaten to erase or release the information unless a ransom is paid.

Macro Infections

These are types of computer system infections that connect to an application’s initialization series. Submit infectors: These are infections that usually connect themselves to executable code.


Once the accessories including them are opened, they are self-contained programs that spread out throughout networks and computer systems; which are normally spread out through e-mail accessories and can carry out harmful activities.

Rejection of Service (DoS) Attack

DoS attacks are created to overwhelm a system’s resources to avoid it from reacting to service demands. Hackers can introduce a DoS attack to take the system offline so that they can start another sort of attack.

Phishing Attack

A phishing attack is a kind of cyber-attack that integrates technical hoax and social engineering. This is a strategy used by hackers, where they send out e-mails that appear to come from relied on sources to affect users to do something or to get individual info.

SQL Injection Attack

These are kinds of cyber-attacks that mainly impact database-driven sites. An effective SQL injection attack can access delicate business information from the database, make changes to database information, perform administration operations on the database, and problem commands to the OS. Guarantee that your software application department or app advancement business comprehend the security and have your system tightened up down.

Eavesdropping Attack

When hackers obstruct a business’s network traffic, these are kinds of attacks that take place. By ‘eavesdropping,’ hackers can obtain charge card numbers, passwords, and other delicate information that a user might be sending out over the network.

Set up anti-virus and anti-malware programs

The value of setting up expert anti-virus and anti-malicious software application cannot be stressed enough. Including this layer of security on your computer systems and mobile phones and keeping the software application approximately date can help guarantee that infections, Trojans, malware, and different sort of attacks are avoided.

Establish strong security policies and procedures

You must draw up an official business web policy that describes both appropriate and restricted online activities for workers. Among the guidelines detailed in your policy needs to alert workers versus opening e-mail accessories or clicking suspect links that are not business-related. Workers ought to also be recommended versus linking their gadgets to the business’s cordless network.

Inform workers about cybersecurity routinely.

Whether your service has an IT department, it is vital to bring all workers up to speed with concerns worrying about cybersecurity. Make sure to inform your staff members about how infections and malware take a trip and send, in addition to the actions they ought to take in the occasion they see an issue. Because hackers are finding out brand-new techniques every day, you must inform workers frequently to provide a direct.

Understanding the cyber hazards and the cybersecurity options offered is vital for each service throughout all markets. By incorporating cybersecurity structures and using sophisticated cyber training for all departments, you will increase your possibilities of winning the war versus cybercriminals.

4 IT Threats You Need To Take Note Of

To understand how to protect your business, you need to study a few of the techniques used by cyber lawbreakers to jeopardize systems. Intruders use lots of methods consisting of the injection of destructive codes for different functions.

A few of these hazards are targeted in your home users while others concentrate on assaulting systems that run business. With the frequency of harmful attacks increasing, it ends up being crucial to accept protective procedures versus IT risks that may impact the business.

External gadgets with a software application that can jeopardize files

This comes with dangers since inside the gadget you can discover destructive code that might jeopardize the computer systems of your company. The primary technique used using these gadgets is direct gain access to links where when the contaminated gadget is linked to a computer system, all files are contaminated and appear like direct gain access to links.

E-mails that bring risks

E-mail plays an essential function in business, and essentially every business uses e-mail as a method to interact in between departments. It forms a core part of the interaction that takes place between users, service providers, and services.

Such links set up destructive that renders all files in a computer system unattainable and often might phish info. It’s a good idea to guarantee business e-mails are protected with endpoint security that can find destructive links and accessories. Your e-mail server ought to be protected, and aspects need to be filtered before they are allowed into individuals’ inboxes.


The exploitation of software application vulnerabilities is also something that you need to keep an eye. Guarantee that your site is upgraded with the most current security steps, and all software application you are using must also be upgraded to guarantee security.


This is amongst the most discouraging IT attacks you might deal with as a business. Lots of business around the world, consisting of huge gamers like Coca-Cola, has been confronted with a ransomware danger. The risk might even be planted into your computer system even while using an anti-virus program.

This danger holds the information in ransom up until you can pay a particular quantity of loan. Often even after you have opened the danger, a lot of information is unattainable or distorted.

Bottom Line

Security is an important part of making sure a business runs efficiently. Some IT hazards can stall a company as they lower every procedure by damaging crucial information. It is necessary to set up security systems that can assist your service to prevent risks that are planted by assailants. Guarantee you keep an eye out for an e-mail with harmful links and keep your computer systems and software application upgraded, so you are not susceptible to security attacks.